• Crème Tomate Glow - Teinte Rosée
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    Radiance-Renewal Tinted Cream

    Rosy tint skincare with immediate super-glow radiance effect. Enriched in anti-pollution protection and super-antioxidant active ingredients for 3-in-1 action: Instant healthy glow look – Revives radiance – Protects. Your new daily must-have for beautiful, natural skin, with no artifice.

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  • Micro-Peeling Essence
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    Micro-Peeling Essence

    The 1st daily anti-aging treatment.Its addictive formula reinforced in AHA and duo pre and pro-biotics, smooth and exfoliate gently for a new skin effect from 7 days.

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  • The Original Tomato Cream
    $25.00 $45.00 In Stock
    Micro-Peeling Effervescent Mask

    The express professional treatment to do at home for a skin-like-new effect in 15 minutes.  Its smoothing AHA-enhanced formula combines with an activated charcoal cellulose support that transforms into a crackling effervescent foam. WITH THE PURCHASE OF A MICRO-PEELING EFFERVESCENT MASK, GET A FREE CHARCOAL MASK

    $25.00 $45.00
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  • Super Sérum Hydra-Repulpant
    $99.00 In Stock
    Hydra-Plumping Super Serum

    The youth-plumping hydration treatment  for a skin that appears visibly younger from 7 days.

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    • $95.00 In Stock

      The iconic Ella Baché cream that improves the quality of the skin. Formulated with a synergetic complex of tomato antioxidants to reveal radiance and smooth skin day after day.

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    • $79.00 In Stock

      A hydrating anti-scrambled complexion moisturizer with 16 aromatic extracts, for detoxing with visible perfecting effects: matte skin, minimized aspect of pores, smoothed skin and makeup hold.

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    • $45.00 In Stock

      A cream that becomes a creamy foam when you add water. This unique texture leaves the skin perfectly cleansed.

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    • $109.00 In Stock

      The skin rejuvenating cure [ complexion + texture ]. Its formula reinforced in AHA and complex smoothing irregularities for an even complexion and smoothed skin texture from 7 days.

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